Why Margarita’s Are Good For You

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR NFL - A bartender prepares drinks during the NFL Homegating Event hosted at the Arlington Club, Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012, in New York. The NFL is celebrating "homegating" by hosting an event to showcase how fans can bring the spirit of the game to the comfort of their homes. (John Minchillo/AP Images for NFL)

I love that you thought you were going to ACTUALLY read some professional medical journal article about how Margarita’s are good for you! That’s hilarious! Here are 5 things I do know about Margaritas though…

  1. That little worm thing in tequila provides much needed nutritional protein while drinking. I’ve been told you should eat before you drink. All set!
  2. Lime juice is not just a valuable source of Vitamin C, it also comes out of your brand new shirt really nicely
  3. It’s like totally hip to be gluten-free these days and Margarita’s got ya covered! Tequila is made from the Blue Agave plant… so, take that carbs!
  4. When googled there are at least 49 songs about tequila that you can sing to during karaoke on Margarita night
  5. And finally, tequila makes you smarter. I mean look at me, I just came up with 5 reasons you should be drinking margaritas and I’m only on my third Bad Juan!




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