A Few Things Millennials Have Killed This Year

Like it or not Millennials are shaping the world as we currently know it and because of that some things are quickly become old and outdated, here are some things that were killed by Millennials in 2018.

Credit cards, only one out of three millennials carry credit cards as most prefer cash or debit. Experts say that student loan debt has scared millennials from applying for credit.

Hooters, millennials don’t like large breasted women who serve wings in crop tops and short shorts, causing the restaurant chain to close some store. Maybe a restaurant named, “Baby Got Back” would be more appealing?

DUIs are being killed by Millennials thanks to Uber and Lyft, Stoves are also being killed because, well Millennials don’t cook. Finally, sex is being killed by Millennials, although experts can’t determine why some ideas are that fear of pregnancy, disease and sexual assault may be factors with Millennials.

Do you blame parents of Millennials for these ‘deaths’ or are millennials too antisocial?



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