Americans sleep least in these U.S. cities – 2024 study

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes the connection between lack of sleep and long-term health issues, as well as a higher inclination for dangerous accidents. Long-term health issues can greatly affect your quality of life, including your financial well-being. Health care and long-term care can be a tremendous expense in retirement. But on average, 33.8% of people in the United States’ largest cities don’t get enough sleep.

To determine cities where residents are getting the most and least sleep, SmartAsset ranked 100 of the largest U.S. cities according to the percentage of adults who reported getting less than seven hours of sleep per night on average.

table showing Top 19 cities Where People Get the Least Sleep

Key findings

  • People are getting the least sleep in Honolulu. Just over two in five (42.3%) adults in Honolulu get less than seven hours of sleep per night. Norfolk (41.1%) and Richmond (41.0%) Virginia are the only other cities with less than 60% of people getting a full night’s rest.
  • The Twin Cities are particularly well-rested. Residents of Minneapolis get the most sleep as a whole, with only 25.4% of adults reporting not getting at least seven hours per night. St. Paul also ranked among the top 10 cities getting the most sleep, with only 28.2% being underslept.
  • Of ultra-urban cities, people in Miami get the least sleep. 37.5% of adults don’t get enough sleep in Miami, while New York City is almost at par with 33.1%. San Franciscans have relatively healthy sleep habits with 29.4% reporting being underslept, but Seattle has the best sleep habits with only 27.4% not getting enough sleep.

Top 10 cities where residents aren’t getting enough sleep

1. Honolulu, Hawaii: 42.3%
2. Norfolk, Virginia: 41.1%
3. Richmond, Virginia: 41.0%
4. New Orleans, Louisiana: 39.4%
5. Detroit, Michigan: 38.9%
6. Kansas City, Missouri: 38.8%
7. Huntsville, Alabama: 38.7%
8. Toledo, Ohio: 38.5%
(tie) 9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 38.4%
(tie) 9. Newark, New Jersey: 38.4%

Top 10 cities where residents are getting a full night’s sleep

Percentage of adults getting at least seven hours of sleep per night on average:

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 74.6%
2. Madison, Wisconsin: 74.2%
3. Portland, Oregon: 73.5%
4. Seattle, Washington: 72.6%
5. Denver, Colorado: 72.5%
6. St. Paul, Minnesota: 71.8%
(tie) 7. Lincoln, Nebraska: 71.7%
(tie) 7. Omaha, Nebraska: 71.7%
9. Arlington, Virginia: 71.6%
10. Boise, Idaho: 71.5%

Data and methodology

Data is for 2023 and comes from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. Cities are ranked by the percentage of adults who reported an average of fewer than seven hours of sleep per night. Data was examined for the largest 100 cities for which data was available. Cities are mapped to county-level data.

This story was produced by SmartAsset and reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media.

Provided by Stacker

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