Can Just Going For A Quick Walk Outside Boost Your Mental Health?

Have you ever heard someone say that they need to take a walk to clear their minds?

We’ve all known that spending time outside, in nature makes us feel better, but now there is science to back it up.

A new study reveals more health benefits of walking. The study found a one hour nature walk reduces stress compared to a one-hour walk in a busy city environment. Other studies have shown that mental health can actually suffer in the city due to its crowded nature and increased amount of stressors in the environment.

I buy into this study 100%, and even take it a step further. I think that even having the right kind of plants in your home will help boost your overall mental health. I don’t have the science to back it up like the walking study, but just knowing that certain plants help clean the air in their environment, is all the proof I need.

What do you do to ‘unwind’ and protect your mental health?

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