Get Me Outta Here!

If you’re anything like us you are SOOOOO READY to have your feet in the sand and an umbrella drink in you hand. This Ohio Winter weather, although not as bad this year, is still super depressing and makes you want to see some blue waters and sunshine in the sky. It also makes you sick thinking about how much a beach vacation is going to hit your wallet. But what if it didn’t hit so hard? After checking out these affordable vacay’s we said “Get us outta here!” NOW.

Myrtle Beach– First off, you can drive here in about 13 hours give or take. Secondly, it’s family friendly. But most of all, it’s wallet friendly. There are so many hotel and beach rental options for every budget and family size. Plus, there’s a ton to do for anyone and everyone from grandma to little Johnny and Betsy who can barely carry a sand shovel. Just do an internet search for cheap hotels or click here for some ideas. 

Florida Panhandle– Pensacola, Destin, Panama City and more. Add about 3 or 4 more hours to that Myrtle Beach trip and you’re in sunny Florida where it’s warmer. From April to October you’ll get temps in the range of 70-90 and you can find great deals on hotels up down the Panhandle gulf coast. Not bad if we do say so ourselves… Here’s a looksie.

Tybee Island, Georgia– In about 14 hours you could be on this shoreline where it is currently 71 degrees. Dolphins, sea turtles and a 20 minute drive from Savannah that won’t break the bank. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Look at me!

Okay, you’re still looking and it might be worth it. This next one is a little bit more of a splurge but still really budget friendly…

San Juan, Puerto Rico– You can find a flight from many U.S. cities at a reasonable rate. We just found one for $201 round trip from Cinci. Come on! That’s cheaper than your gas to work next week! Experience the culture, the beaches, the food. Just look here, and get outta here already!


If these aren’t enough to convince you to stop reading this, we’re out of ideas.


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