Goodbye Pot Roast, Here’s What We’re Eating This Summer

Bland. Tired. Blah. That’s how we feel about food right now. We’re so sick of everything, especially the heavy dishes of Winter like meatloaf, pot roast and chili. Ugghhhhhh…. Nothing sounds good right? It’s a struggle every single night thinking about dinner. So we decided to do something about this lull. We were curious what the freshest flavors and newest ideas trending for Summer 2023 were, so guess what we did? We looked it up! You’re welcome. Get ready, you’re mouth is about to water… According to our research (and it was super involved via that google gadget) there are some pretty delicious ideas trending for the sunny days ahead. Here we go.

Vietnamese/Cajun mashup– Let us enlighten you. Cajun staples of paprika and cayenne mixed with lemongrass, garlic and black peppercorn, all Vietnamese key ingredients. How do you use it? We don’t know, but just throw it on some chicken or pork and try something new for the love of God!

Caribbean– Oh man, this might be our fave. Native flavors of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic like jerk seasoning for those that like it spicy, pineapple, coconut, curry, bitter orange, allspice and a bunch of other ones we can’t pronounce. Sweet-heat, that’s what it’s about. All we know is that just reading those flavors puts our feet in the sand and a cold one in our hand. YUM.

Southeast Asian– Fiery peppers, lime, garlic, coconut and fish sauce are just a few ingredients of Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore. Tangy, spicy, pickled and sweet heat flavors are what it’s about. Make some sticky rice (we don’t know how to make it either but we’ll look it up or just have Uncle Ben make it), cover some beef or whatever meat delights you with some of those ingredients and savor a new flavor.

And for heaven’s sake eat a salad. Add some fruit to it, that’s all the rage. Can someone remind us what lettuce looks like?






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