Ho-Ho-Hold on!: Unwrapping the most desired Christmas 2023 gifts

It’s that time of the year again—Christmas is upon us! Do you have any Christmas gift ideas this year? As someone who once gifted their dad a pair of socks that were a size too small (oops, sorry, Dad!), I’ve realized that gift-giving can be a total nightmare. 

Some would say giving your boo a retro arcade machine for Christmas might not be a great idea. Yeah, it’s a shame there isn’t a list specifically categorizing “Christmas gifts for men” and “Christmas gifts for women.” Well, think again. As the holidays approach, Way.com analyzed a Statista survey of over 1,000 US adults to discover the most desired Christmas gifts across America for this year.

We’ve unwrapped (pun intended) these findings a little more! 

Remember, even the smallest gift can be meaningful if it comes from a place of love. 

An infographic of the Most Desired Christmas Gifts in The U.S.
Statista / Way.com

Most desired Christmas gifts in the U.S.

Christmas gifts for Women

Smartphones, tablets, and accessories

Forget flowers and chocolates this year! If you’re looking for a truly modern and thoughtful gift for the special woman in your life, an iPhone 15 Pro or AirPods Pro is the way to go. Do you know who else agreed? Most people.

Some popular choices are:

  • Apple AirTags
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Apple Watch Series 9

Food and drinks

That’s right, folks; the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Nothing says “I care” during the holidays, like a plate piled with cookies and a glass of eggnog that could knock you out. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to eat, drink, and be merry. 

Be it a basket overflowing with gourmet snacks and treats or festive beverages, a filled belly is a gift that’s hard to beat.

Some popular choices are:

  • Baked goods and bread
  • Condiments, sauces, and oils
  • Chocolates and candy
  • Artisan Cheese Club
  • Bonnie & Pop Chocolate Gift Basket

Books and eBooks 

The best Christmas gifts are thoughtful ones, just like the next gift idea on the list. Books and eBooks are great Christmas gifts. And not just any books, mind you, but the perfect reads that will have your loved ones turning pages late into the night, laughing out loud on the bus, or shedding a tear (or two.)

Some popular choices are:

  • “The Bee Sting” by Paul Murray
  • “Radical: A Life of My Own” by Xiaolu Guo
  • “The Guest” by Emma Cline
  • “Doppelganger” by Naomi Klein
  • “Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories (Lynne Rienner)” by Ghassan Kanafani

You can always gift an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Jewelry and watches 

For a long time, jewelry was the safest and most obvious Christmas gift choice for women. And this year, it’s not any different. Talk about a gift that truly shines.

Here’s an idea! Gift your wife an expensive watch and tell her, “Now there’s no excuse for you to be late.” Okay, maybe not like that.

Some popular choices are:

  • Marie June Dripping Small Ring
  • Gucci Gucci Heart earrings with Interlocking G
  • Edna Petite Diamond Necklace

Cosmetics, perfume, and body care

If you’re stuck choosing between a smartphone, watch, or book for your lady, don’t worry. You can always pamper her with a gift basket filled with cosmetics, perfume, and body care products.

Some popular choices are:

  • SolaWave 4-in-1 Skincare Wand
  • Merit Five Minute Morning
  • Sephora Favorites Deluxe Mini Perfume Sampler Set
  • Osea Bestsellers Body Care Set

Clothing, textiles, and shoes

It’s never a bad idea to present your lady friend with a stylish piece of clothing or a pair of shoes! Whether it’s a cozy scarf for the winter months, a chic dress for a special occasion, or a pair of comfortable sneakers for everyday wear, you can’t go wrong with a gift that she can wear and enjoy.

Some popular choices are:

  • Gucci horsebit chain small shoulder bag
  • Loewe fringed scarf

Vouchers/gift cards 

You know what’s the best gift? Vouchers or gift cards to wherever she wants to shop. A gift card is always a safe bet. Just pray she doesn’t use it to finally buy that life-size cardboard cutout of Ryan Reynolds she’s been eyeing. 


Well, there’s no better gift than money. Some people might think cash is a boring gift, but it’s the most practical. Cash is the universal gift that never disappoints. “Cash is king,” they say, and this year, crown your queen with a little green paper royalty. 

Christmas gifts for men

Jewelry and watches 

Men love jewelry, too. Because who wouldn’t want a little extra sparkle to match their ugly Christmas sweater? Or get your man a nice watch. 

Some popular choices are:

  • Raymond Weil Maestro Moon Phase
  • Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain Necklace
  • Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 Blue

Consumer electronics 

If jewelry and watches are not to his liking, what about an OLED 4K Smart TV? What about a top-of-the-line gaming console? I wouldn’t mind a Nintendo Switch or a MacBook Pro for this Christmas. Anyone? 

Some popular choices are:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Beats Studio Pro Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • Google Pixel Tablet 
  • Therabody Theragun Sense
  • Ember Travel Mug 2

Computer and computer accessories 

If there’s one thing that gets a guy more excited than mistletoe, it’s unwrapping a custom-built PC on Christmas morning. And to top it all off, throw in some awesome computer accessories like a mechanical keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a headset that makes him feel like he’s right in the middle of the action. 

Food and drinks 

Like I said before, nothing beats food. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich, an expensive gourmet meal, or a bottle of red wine; it’s the simplest and most effective gift one can give a man. 

A bottle of whiskey and a box of pizza will do the job.

Smartphones, tablets, and accessories 

Gifting someone an expensive smartphone is a bad idea, said no one ever. It can be a little pricey, but an iPad Pro or a brand-new iPhone as a Christmas gift doesn’t sound that bad.

Clothing, textiles, and shoes 

No cap, men love clothes and shoes just as much as women do! Whether it’s a fresh pair of Jordans to elevate their street cred or a crisp button-down for a more polished look, men appreciate clothing that reflects their personality and makes them feel confident. So, this Christmas, why not wrap up some stylish threads or those kicks they’ve been eyeing?

Vouchers/gift cards 

Gift cards serve as an excellent remedy for those individuals who are notoriously difficult to find gifts for. Moreover, gift cards can be a practical alternative to cash. And you can choose from a range of gift cards, including gaming gift cards and Amazon gift cards.


When I said money is the universal gift, I meant it. It offers a level of flexibility and personalization that other presents often lack. Moreover, it allows them to choose exactly what they need without any restrictions or risk of getting something they wouldn’t use. At least there’s no wrapping required!

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a little extra dough?

Final thoughts

While the festive spirit may not have fully hit yet, don’t be fooled! The holiday season arrives quicker than you think. Consider starting your gift shopping early to avoid a last-minute shopping frenzy and potential disappointment. So, ditch the eleventh-hour panic and start your holiday shopping today. 

This story was produced by Way.com and reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media. 

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