They’re Making A List… Your Kids Top Picks For The Holidays!

Their making a list of their favorites and your checking it twice… So Santa doesn’t break the bank! The elves have checked dozens of websites and here’s what’s coming out on top. 

LEGOS– Still reign supreme on every kids list. With so many varieties and themes to choose from, there’s one for every personality and expertise.

SCIENCE KITS– Almost every kid likes to watch a volcano erupt, a crystal grow or some kind of fizzy explosion out of a bottle. From rock kits to rockets, microscopes to microscopic sea monkeys and thousands of STEM toys and projects, you really can’t go wrong here. (National Geographic has some really cool options)

DOLLS & FIGURINES- Are you starting to see a pattern here? The same things we wanted as kids are still topping lists! There are dolls for boys and girls, like the Super Playmate that comes with a kid size super hero cape & mask, or The First Friend plush doll that’s the perfect companion for a toddler. ( Both of those were hot items btw) There are action figures and movie figurines (Black Panther is the big one this year), stuffed animals and silicone stress toys… once again something for every personality

BICYCLES/MOTOR CARS/SCOOTERS FOR KIDS- Let’s be clear, these aren’t your momma’s little red wagon anymore. They are updated and upgraded for sure. For example, the Harley Davidson Tricycle or Ride On Chopper for bigger kids, or the Easy Rider lightweight Woom 2 Pedal bike meant for the youngest riders. Also making the most wanted list is the Valor Kids Scooter which can fold up to fit in a backpack… seriously? (Is anyone else getting a flashback of trying to carry around roller blades or roller skates?!)

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS- There are so many that made the list that there’s no way we could get to all of them.  Ranging from kids mat pianos (think the movie BIG) and toddler guitars to microphones and karaoke machines, even kids ukuleles and how to write your own symphony books! If they like to be-bop there’s something out there, we promise.

Electronics- Obviously we can’t leave the BIG ONE out. SO many options from headphones and tablets to computers and video gaming. You can find something in pretty much every price range and for every age. Personal fave- The Echo Dot for Kids- “Hey Alexa, can you tell me about everything and anything and then tell me about the nothings and things that don’t make sense?” “Alexa, can you set my alarm or remind me to do my homework?” “Alexa, are you my parent’s answer to not having to answer 10,000 questions every day?” YES, YES, and YEEEEESSSSS!!! Seriously though it’s such a great learning tool plus it plays music and… on and on and on. (Don’t ask us how we know, okay maybe someone we know has one and says it’s the best gift Santa ever delivered to her kids… this isn’t paid btw. Just a big fan. LOL!)

The take away… The classics will never leave but there’s always something shiny and new. There are thousands of gifts in every category and at every price range. You don’t have to break the bank to make a child smile this holiday season. Whether Santa goes big or small, it’s the magic that really matters… 



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