Tips for hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party based on your personality type

Hosting the perfect New Year’s Eve party can feel daunting, and despite plenty of lists detailing party planning tips, they don’t necessarily consider people’s natural personalities. Everyone parties differently, so Peerspace compiled a list for hosting a New Year’s Eve party based on the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

The KTS divides people into four temperaments—the artisan, the guardian, the idealist, and the rational—to help people better understand themselves and others. Each individual’s temperament has unique qualities, challenges, and strengths—from how they communicate to how they often act to various sets of characteristic attitudes, values, and talents. Guardians, for example, don’t do well with spontaneity and chaos, so assigning guests what to bring to the party or ways to help would benefit them and keep things organized. They make up nearly half (45%) of the entire population. Artisans, on the other hand, relish spontaneity and are quick to adapt and use their creativity. About a third of the world (30%) identifies as artisans.

Understanding your type might help you feel prepared and give you a sense of comfort when holiday hosting duties arise. A holiday party should be a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family stress-free. Read on to learn how you can have a seamless holiday celebration.

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Artisans can focus on the audiovisual experience

The artisan is spontaneous and action-oriented. They enjoy living in the moment, often adapting quickly to change. Having a loose schedule leaves room for last-minute changes or surprises, so an unexpected hitch in the night won’t throw them off.

Plan dynamic games like charades (which could center on past New Year’s resolutions that worked or failed) or a lively balloon-popping countdown to keep the energy high—and by all means, keep score. Artisans are competitive and will relish the challenge.

Tap into your creative side and go all out with elaborate and extravagant decorations to create a visually stimulating atmosphere. Lastly, curate a playlist with various genres to cater to diverse preferences.

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Guardians prioritize traditions

Practical and organized, guardians are dependable individuals who prioritize stability and traditions. They often take on roles of responsibility, ensuring plans are well-executed and that the needs of those around them are met with a careful and nurturing approach. It’s important that their holiday party brings people closer.

Guardians appreciate a well-organized event with clear timelines; the key is all in the details. Include traditional elements to create a sense of timeless familiarity with classic decorations, sharing resolutions, and toasts.

Spotlight traditional and well-loved food that brings comfort. This is the time to assign guests a beloved New Year’s dish they’re willing to prepare that hearkens back to tradition, from Hoppin’ Johns to long-life noodles and sweet rice balls. Put your own spin on a photo booth and break out the instant film cameras to capture memories with guests for them to take home and for you to cherish afterward.

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Idealists put together intimate affairs

Driven by empathy and a desire for meaningful connections, idealists are compassionate individuals who seek to understand and support others. They are harmonious and have a unique talent for bringing people together. Their magnetic and warm personality is the perfect blend to host an intimate affair at home.

Choose activities that encourage personal connections, such as sharing resolutions and expressing gratitude. Conversation cards—available in many fun topics—are a great way to break the ice, inspire slow moments, and engage with all the people you care about most. Incorporate personal touches, like a meaningful playlist.

As a delicious conversation starter, have guests bring a sentimental dish and ask them to share its story.

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Rationals provide guests thought-provoking activities

The rational thrives in challenging environments, often seeking innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. They are the problem solvers.

Plan a night that sparks deep conversations on how the world works, setting the tone for a thought-provoking and engaging New Year’s Eve celebration. Incorporate elements that stimulate intrigue, like breaking down the politics in fairy tales and sparking conversations around that. (Here’s a good one: “Was it kosher for Goldilocks to enter the three bears’ house?”). Rationals are interested in efficient solutions no matter how politically correct, so these conversations could get spicy. Just make sure everyone knows to keep their emotions leveled.

Avoid overbearing music that might disrupt conversations; this ensures guests can focus on discussions and predictions for the new year ahead. Organize games that will get people thinking while having fun, like trivia or classic games like Scrabble.

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