Top pizza chains in the US

Three hundred and fifty slices of pizza are consumed every second in the United States, and the average American eats pizza at least once a month. Crust, cheese, and sauce — what’s not to love about a good, old-fashioned slice? Pizza has been a staple of the American diet since the late 19th century and has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. How much does America love pizza? Forty-seven billion dollars in annual sales should give you a rough idea.

Those of us who do not live in New York and Chicago know there’s much more to the story than the two-city debate for pizza supremacy. Various regional styles abound, from New Haven, Connecticut; Detroit; and Philadelphia to Arizona and California staples. Some are classic fast-food franchises, customizable and deliverable to our doorsteps in less than 60 minutes; others are brick-and-mortar family joints whose popularity necessitated expansion into every corner of the contiguous U.S.

You’ll find plenty of mouthwatering trivia and information within this list, whether you are a self-proclaimed aficionado or a health-conscious once-per-month consumer. You could figure that the holy trinity of commercialized express companies—Domino’s, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars—fall in the top 30 on this list, but can you guess in what order? What about the name of the iconic brick-oven New York pizza company that has somehow found its way into areas like Idaho, Wisconsin, and Arizona?

And let’s not forget the idiosyncrasies in between: a children’s playhouse that coexists as a nearly 600-franchise pizza joint; a Texas buffet-style restaurant experience that dishes out a macaroni and cheese pie; a fast-casual chain only in operation since 2011 that not only churns out 180-second pizzas but also drove over $287 million in sales only a decade later.

To help you find your next favorite slice, Stacker looked through Pizza Magazine Quarterly’s 2023 Pizza Power Report and rounded up the 50 biggest pizza chains in the country based on annual sales in 2022. Did your favorite make the list?

A pepperoni pizza.

#50. Simple Simon’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $365,128

After opening their first location in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, in 1987, BJ and Becky Dumond were determined to build a family business they could work on together—and they made their dream come true. Their humble pizza shop soon became an award-winning franchise serving simple, delicious pan-style pies.

A brick Godfather's Pizza location.
Jim Lambert // Shutterstock

#49. Godfather’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $457,333

Godfather’s Pizza has that old-school Italian feel and is simply “a pizza you can’t refuse.” The restaurant was founded by William Theisen in 1973 and later acquired by Pillsbury. In 2009, Ronald Gartlan bought out the company, where he serves as owner, president, and CEO. Godfather’s advertising is based on a satire of Marlon Brando’s character in the “Godfather” films. The chain offers four types of crust: original, golden, “Mozza-Loaded,” and thin.

A historic brick building with pizza and bars on the bottom floor.
JNix // Shutterstock

#48. Fox’s Pizza Den

– Average sales per store: $497,423

Fox’s Pizza Den was founded in 1971 and has kept a traditional menu with round, Sicilian, and extra-large pies. Keeping things simple works for Fox’s: The restaurant has more than 200 locations.

Military personnel eating at a food court with Pizza Inn in the background.
Spencer Platt // Getty Images

#47. Pizza Inn

– Average sales per store: $519,059

Pizza Inn has specialized in crispy, Original Thin crust pizza since its founding in 1958. The restaurant now operates more than 300 locations both in the U.S. and internationally. Pizza Inn offers several unusual pies, such as the loaded baked potato and spinach alfredo pizzas, and you can also get nonpizza fare like stromboli, pasta, and chicken wings.

A Giovanni's pizza box.
Eleanor McDonie // Shutterstock

#46. Giovanni’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $522,330

Giovanni’s Pizza was founded in 1964 and has kept operations relatively small. The restaurant offers various pizza sizes to ensure you get just what you need. The chain also offers a dessert “pizza cookie” to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The exterior of a Peter Piper Pizza restaurant.
tishomir // Shutterstock

#45. Peter Piper Pizza

– Average sales per store: $563,441

Peter Piper Pizza has been in business for over 50 years and is known for its made-from-scratch pies and lively game rooms. The restaurant was founded in Glendale, Arizona, and has expanded to over 100 locations nationwide. The chain offers a traditional menu that features California Veggie, NY 3-Cheese, and 5-Meat Supreme pies.

People sitting and eating at an Sbarro restaurant in union station.
Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group // Getty Images

#44. Sbarro

– Average sales per store: $633,657

Sbarro is an American mall staple, with over 600 locations globally. The franchise behemoth was founded in 1956 in Brooklyn, New York, and is equally as famous for its loaded stromboli as it is for its pizza.

The exterior of a Papa Murphy's Pizza restaurant.
Andriy Blokhin // Shutterstock

#43. Papa Murphy’s

– Average sales per store: $652,580

Papa Murphy’s was founded in 1995 in Vancouver, Washington. The restaurant sells what’s known as a “take ‘n’ bake” pizza: delivered to you raw to be baked hot and fresh in your kitchen. It was a unique concept that resonated with fans, which is why Papa Murphy’s has around 1,500 stores across the United States and Canada. Customers even ranked Papa Murphy’s as the best pizza chain in 2022 for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A man and two kids walking into a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.
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#42. Chuck E. Cheese

– Average sales per store: $659,748

Chuck E. Cheese has been an American staple for children’s birthday parties since 1977. The entire concept is based on entertainment for kids and was established by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. Today, there are over 570 Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are in 47 states and 19 countries.

The exterior of a Papa Gino's Pizzeria.
QualityHD // Shutterstock

#41. Papa Gino’s

– Average sales per store: $769,136

Papa Gino’s has been in New England since 1961, when Michael Valerio and his wife, Helen, came to Boston from Italy and opened Piece O’ Pizza as their first pizzeria. There are now 78 Papa Gino’s locations featuring that same authentic flavor.

An Imo's Pizza sign with a chef holding a pizza crust.
ZirePhotos // Shutterstock

#40. Imo’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $794,737

The Midwest is packed with nearly 100 Imo’s Pizza locations. The chain’s original location in Missouri only offered takeout and delivery when it opened in 1964. There’s seating room now, but the restaurant still serves straightforward pizza with just a few nontraditional selections. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out Imo’s BBQ Chicken pie.

Half of a deep dish pizza.

#39. Rosati’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $801,923

Rosati’s has been serving pizza since 1964. Whether you design your own deep-dish pie or pick one from the menu, you’re tasting the same recipes Sam Rosati used more than half a century ago.

A Hawaiian pizza.

#38. Pizza Factory

– Average sales per store: $809,287

The West Coast favorite Pizza Factory has been in business for over 40 years and is known for hand-tossing pizzas. Their menu features classics like cheese, meat, and veggie pies, as well as a few surprises, like Western-style BBQ chicken, Greek, and Hawaiian pizzas.

Two different flatbreads in a Pizza Hut box.
HeyDebbie // Shutterstock

#37. Pizza Hut

– Average sales per store: $841,326

One of the largest pizza chains in the country by number of locations is Pizza Hut. In 1958, two brothers opened the first Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas, using homegrown ingredients. Today, there are over 19,000 Pizza Hut locations worldwide.

Various types of pizzas on a buffet.

#36. Mazzio’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $843,590

Mazzio’s was founded in 1961 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has since expanded to more than 140 locations in 10 states. The restaurant’s menu features dozens of specialty pizzas, including a few stuffed crust options and other delicious Italian options.

A Marco's Pizza exterior with palm trees.
Mahmoud Suhail // Shutterstock

#35. Marco’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $896,836

When Pasquale Giammarco founded Marco’s in 1978 in Oregon, Ohio, he applied his Italian heritage to the recipes and menu. The franchise continues the same tradition today.

A Hungry Howie's Pizza with a red awning.
Bruce VanLoon // Shutterstock

#34. Hungry Howie’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $897,289

Hungry Howie’s is home to the “original flavored crust” and has been since its founding in 1973. The crust comes in at least eight flavors, ranging from ranch to Cajun. The restaurant offers eight pizza sizes, up to 21 different toppings, and delicious “Howie Bread” and “Howie Wings.”

A person grabs a small square Jet's pizza from a box.
rblfmr // Shutterstock

#33. Jet’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $935,533

Jet’s Pizza has been a Michigan staple since its founding in 1978. The franchise is famous for its Detroit-style pizza, offering only a few round options. You can also “flavorize” your crust with sesame seeds, butter, garlic, and parmesan.

The exterior of a Monical's Pizza.
Jonathan Weiss // Shutterstock

#32. Monical’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $940,323

Founded in 1959, Monical’s is one of the oldest chains on this list. The restaurant was founded in Tolono, Illinois, and remains very popular. One of the more unique items on Monical’s menu is the “Point Pizza,” a thicker, triangular pie with a sweeter sauce.

A brick Cicis Beyond Pizza restaurant.
Nolichuckyjake // Shutterstock

#31. Cicis Pizza

– Average sales per store: $955,518

Cicis is famous for its pizza buffet. Founded in Texas in 1985, Cicis has over 300 restaurants in more than 30 states. One of the chain’s more famous creations is its macaroni and cheese pizza. If all that wasn’t enough, in 2015, Cicis debuted a new advertising campaign that went “beyond pizza” to show how much more the restaurant offers.

The exterior of a Round Table Pizza restaurant in a brick shopping center.
Smith Collection/Gado // Getty Images

#30. Round Table Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,011,964

Round Table Pizza was founded in California in 1959 and has over 400 locations across the U.S. The restaurant offers plenty of unique pizza combinations in five different sizes so that you can treat yourself or the entire family.

A Little Caesars storefront and American flag.
Robert Gregory Griffeth // Shutterstock

#29. Little Caesars

– Average sales per store: $1,012,557

Mike and Marian Ilitch opened the first Little Caesars in Michigan in 1959. The couple franchised in 1962, and today, over 5,000 Little Caesars locations are in operation. The most popular item on the menu is the restaurant’s $5 “Hot-N-Ready” option.

Exterior of a Pieology custom pizza restaurant.
calimedia // Shutterstock

#28. Pieology Pizzeria

– Average sales per store: $1,033,043

Pieology Pizzeria is a newer chain founded in 2011 and already has nearly 200 locations across the U.S. Pieology’s premise is to create your own pizza using fresh, high-quality ingredients. There are four crusts to choose from and up to 19 different toppings. Pieology also provides an “After Bake” sauce if the initial sauce doesn’t meet your taste.

The outside of a brick Toppers Pizza location.
Retail Photographer // Shutterstock

#27. Toppers Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,081,429

Founded in 1991 in Champaign, Illinois, Toppers has over 80 locations throughout the South and Midwest that are popular with the college-aged crowd. It’s easy to see why, as the chain offers late-night fare like macaroni and cheese, cheesy breadsticks dubbed Topperstix, and Tater Tot pizza.

The exterior of a Mountain Mike's Pizza.
Michael Vi // Shutterstock

#26. Mountain Mike’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,082,890

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is a California staple, with nearly 300 locations along the West Coast. The menu comprises a dozen specialty pizzas, all named after different mountain ranges, like The Everest, Pikes Peak, and The McKinley.

A woman making pizza at Blaze.
Sorbis // Shutterstock

#25. Blaze Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,107,987

Blaze opened in 2011 in California as a fast-casual chain, churning out each pizza in just 180 seconds thanks to the extreme heat of their ovens. So, if you want something speedy and delicious, Blaze is your place.

Three girls holding plates of pizza.
Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group // Getty Images

#24. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,125,806

Mr. Gatti’s is a beloved Southern pizza chain founded in 1964, best known for its tangy tomato sauce. The menu offers classic pizzas besides novelties like its bacon double cheeseburger pie.

A brick Lou Malnati's restaurant with a red sign and tall wood door.
Mary at T-Comms // Shutterstock

#23. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

– Average sales per store: $1,131,944

Locals rave about the delectable slices at Lou Malnati’s, which sits in the heart of Chicagoland and surrounding areas. Founded in 1971 by Lou and his wife, Jean, in Lincolnwood, Illinois, Lou Malnati’s is a quintessential contributor to developing the classic Chicago deep-dish pizza, served on their coveted butter crust.

Stacks of Papa John's pizza boxes with green and red writing.
photo-denver // Shutterstock

#22. Papa Johns

– Average sales per store: $1,135,683

Papa Johns was founded in 1984 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and has exploded to more than 5,000 locations in 45 countries. The franchise prides itself on serving up the best ingredients for every occasion.

A person putting pizza sauce on a pizza crust.

#21. Pizza Guys

– Average sales per store: $1,139,907

Pizza Guys was founded by two pizza-loving guys—Shahpour Nejad and Reza Kalantari—in 1986. After seeing wild success at their first location in California, the two pizza guys quickly expanded across the state, with locations in Oregon and Nevada—all serving specialty pies with their signature red tomato sauce.

The exterior of a Mod Pizza.
EQRoy // Shutterstock

#20. MOD Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,166,008

Fast and casual are what you’ll find at MOD. The restaurant was founded in 2008 in Seattle, delivering artisanal pizza to the masses. The price stays the same whether you build your own pie or order off the menu—even if you pile on the toppings.

A rectangular pepperoni pizza on a red checkered table.
Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post // Getty Images

#19. Ledo Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,174,312

Ledo Pizza was founded in 1955, serving customers in Maryland and along the East Coast at more than 100 locations. The chain is known for its rectangular pies and thick-cut pepperoni. Ledo has innovative pizzas, like taco, buffalo chicken, and cauliflower-crust pizzas; sandwiches; stromboli; and salads.

A long gourmet salami pizza with greens on a cutting board.
seeshooteatrepeat // Shutterstock

#18. &pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,176,000

Since &pizza opened its flagship location in 2012, the Washington D.C.-founded pizza chain has made waves for its unique and delicious pies and progressive stances. Its “future of pizza” approach proves to be something people can sink their teeth into.

A brick Donatos Pizza restaurant.
Eric Glenn // Shutterstock

#17. Donatos Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,279,290

After falling in love with making pizza, Jim Grote opened his own pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio, in 1963 and never looked back. Donatos now has over 375 locations in the U.S. The restaurant’s award-winning dough comes from the same recipe Grote used over 50 years ago. Donatos puts 100 pieces of pepperoni on every pepperoni pie ordered and only uses handmade sausage and real mozzarella.

The exterior of a Pizza Ranch restaurant.
Aaron of L.A. Photography // Shutterstock

#16. Pizza Ranch

– Average sales per store: $1,311,141

Pizza Ranch is a Midwestern franchise beloved for its pizza buffet. The franchise, founded in 1981, has over 200 locations across 14 states. It’s best known for its tasty slices, dessert pizza options, and for serving deliciously crispy broasted chicken.

A woman in a hijab waits to order at a Domino's counter.
Di-Tiara // Shutterstock

#15. Domino’s

– Average sales per store: $1,317,287

Domino’s, founded in 1960 in Michigan, has more than 20,000 locations worldwide today. The company became famous after expanding from traditional pizza into other areas, like their fan-favorite “stuffed cheesy bread.” The restaurant introduced the “HeatWave” hot bag to keep pizza piping hot during delivery—and was the first to introduce the online pizza tracker back in 2007.

A meat and cheese pizza.

#14. Paisano’s

– Average sales per store: $1,542,105

Sprinkled across northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, Paisano’s takes pride in serving customers the freshest ingredients in dishes all made from scratch every day. Along with their mouthwatering pies, Paisano’s strives to provide something on the menu for everyone, including appetizers, salads, cheesesteaks, burgers, calzones, strombolis, and more.

A Shakey's Pizza sign with a blue sky in the background.
Ken Wolter // Shutterstock

#13. Shakey’s Pizza

– Average sales per store: $1,638,000

Shakey’s Pizza opened its doors in 1954, serving beer and pizza alongside live swing and jazz music. The establishment has since evolved while remaining true to its fun roots. Its simplistic, endearing slogan says it all: “We serve fun at Shakey’s—also pizza!”

The exterior of a Bertucci's restaurant with red patio umbrellas.
Yingna Cai // Shutterstock

#12. Bertucci’s

– Average sales per store: $1,832,692

Bertucci’s was founded in 1981 in Somerville, Massachusetts, and quickly spread to surrounding areas. Today, there are 31 locations up and down the East Coast. The restaurant specializes in classic Italian cuisine besides brick oven pizza—all prepared in an open kitchen.

A sign for Brixx Wood Fired PIzza.
Bruce VanLoon // Shutterstock

#11. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

– Average sales per store: $2,019,231

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1998 and has grown to over 20 locations around the Southeast. The chain prides itself on its wood-fired fare; 24 types of local, regional, and national craft drafts on tap; and 20 unique pizza selections.

A historic brick ornate building with green and white striped awnings and a Pizzeria Uno sign.
Lissandra Melo // Shutterstock

#10. Uno Pizzeria & Grill

– Average sales per store: $2,072,289

If you can’t make a trip to Chicago for a slice of authentic deep dish, a trip to Uno Pizzeria & Grill will satisfy that craving. Known as one of the easily accessible deep-dish chains, Uno Pizzeria & Grill started in Chicago in 1943 and quickly expanded to dozens of locations across the U.S. and overseas.

A brick Anthony's location.
Helen89 // Shutterstock

#9. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

– Average sales per store: $2,214,754

Popular along the East Coast with nearly 60 locations, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza prides itself on freshly made dough and the best plum tomatoes imported from Italy. Anthony’s sticks to traditional pies, like white pizza, eggplant, and Margherita, and offers other Italian dishes like meatballs and broccoli rabe.

A colorful stone Mellow Mushroom entrance and patio.
Nolichuckyjake // Shutterstock

#8. Mellow Mushroom

– Average sales per store: $2,316,763

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers was founded in Georgia in 1974. Today, the chain’s 177 stores are filled with eclectic art and offer a family-friendly environment. Mellow Mushroom is known for its spring water crust, stone-baked pizza, and dedication to customer service. The chain has even gone mobile with the Bake Bus, a traveling pizza oven they park at festivals, concerts, and sporting events nationwide.

A deep dish meat pizza.

#7. Oregano’s

– Average sales per store: $2,400,000

The Arizona-based Oregano’s celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023. The company opened its first location in Old Town Scottsdale in 1993 and has since grown to 21 shops across Arizona and Colorado. Oregano’s serves up its Chicago-roots pizza in deep-dish style—pan and stuffed—along with a thin crust variety. It is also known for its pizza cookie dessert: over a half-pound of cookie dough baked in a pan topped with three scoops of ice cream.

An ornate brick historic building with a red lit up Giordano's sign.
Leonard Zhukovsky // Shutterstock

#6. Giordano’s

– Average sales per store: $2,464,286

Giordano’s is known for one thing: deep-dish pizza. What you might not realize is that Giordano’s started in Turin, Italy, as an Easter pie that Mama Giordano would serve on special occasions. Her sons moved from Italy to Chicago and started making their mom’s stuffed pizza in 1974. Don’t worry if you aren’t close to one of these restaurants—Giordano’s is happy to ship a pie to your doorstep anywhere in the nation!

A brick restaurant with an Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom sign.
Jon Kraft // Shutterstock

#5. Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom

– Average sales per store: $2,506,024

With an appetite for tradition and nostalgia, a Midwesterner craving a hometown slice founded Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom in Boulder, Colorado. Bringing the tradition of Chicago deep dish to Colorado, his taste for nostalgia quickly caught on, expanding to more than 70 locations across over 20 states.

A Grimaldi's sign on a brick building surrounded by flowers.
Jon Kraft // Shutterstock

#4. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

– Average sales per store: $2,666,902

Grimaldi’s is a Brooklyn institution, first started in the Dumbo neighborhood in 1990 around a family tradition of coal-fired brick oven pizza. The company now has locations in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and Abu Dhabi. Customers—particularly lovers of thin crust—can choose from many fresh toppings and three sizes, but the Margherita is the unquestioned classic.

A bbq chicken pizza.

#3. LaRosa’s Pizzeria

– Average sales per store: $2,675,258

LaRosa’s Pizza was founded in 1954 by Donald “Buddy” LaRosa and a few friends. Today, the pizzeria has over 60 restaurants, primarily in the Midwest. This old-school Italian neighborhood franchise has dozens of pies and a gluten-free crust option.

A California Pizza Kitchen outdoor patio.
JJava Designs // Shutterstock

#2. California Pizza Kitchen

– Average sales per store: $2,906,548

California Pizza Kitchen opened its doors in 1985 and has nearly 200 locations worldwide and in 11 countries. The franchise uses high-quality ingredients to create unique, artisan-style pizzas like the Jamaican Jerk Pizza.

A cheese pizza.

#1. Dion’s

– Average sales per store: $3,461,538

Dion’s was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1978. It’s a mainstay with 23 locations throughout the state, three in Colorado, and two in Texas, as of 2024. Dion’s started as a Greek eatery, but the staff sold pizza while waiting for the restaurant’s equipment. The rest is history.

Story editing by Cynthia Rebolledo and Carren Jao. Copy editing by Paris Close. Photo selection by Lacy Kerrick.

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