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Virtual Clothes Are A New Trend

Yep you read that right… virtual… as in they do not exist… clothes…

Digitally generated outfits that stores simply photoshop onto a customer’s photos or videos to be posted onto Instagram and elsewhere are a thing.

British influencer Loftus sees so much potential that last month she gave up her job with a fashion consultancy to devote herself full-time to her website, This Outfit Does Not Exist.

Digital fashion store DressX’s research says 15 percent of customers are doing so for Instagram posts, and almost a quarter found it satisfied their need for a new item of clothing.

“I know many women who buy an outfit, wear it once for a single photo and never again,” said Loftus. “They could reduce consumption and waste by using digital fashion for a few of those posts.”

Outfits on DressX range from $25 hats to strange jellyfish-like dresses for hundreds of dollars.


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