The Top Googled Questions In the U.S. Are Just… You Be The Judge.

So we’re googling this morning as we do every morning about whatever it is that we don’t know (soooo, everything) and it got us thinking, what are the most asked questions to Google? So we Googled it… Oh man, some of the crap we don’t know is hysterical but even better than that, the fact that some of these questions even made the top of the list have us wondering where it all went wrong.

Keep in mind that we have trains derailing with chemicals spilling out, balloons being shot down off the the Carolina coast, crazy weather conditions everywhere, celebrity feuds and big movies like Cocaine Bear coming out (Who doesn’t want to see that! LOL!) and here are some of the top 20 questions we’re asking Google right now…

  1. What to watch– This is it. This is what we’re all thinking about. Well here’s the answer you’re looking for… Cocaine Bear. Now you know!
  2. What time is it… seriously? You’re on your phone or computer to ask this question, you know they have clocks right?
  3. How many ounces in a cup – We have to wonder, is it the first time everyone in the U.S. is cooking? In fairness though 3rd grade was a long time ago. Ounces were a real trend of the Top 20… Number 8- Ounces in a gallon and Number 16- Ounces in a pound. There should be some kind of master class on this.

10. Dove Cameron. We were like, who? So we googled her to help out that score. She’s a super famous Disney tween show actress, so that should tell you right there how much your tweenagers (yes that’s spelled right)  influence EVERYTHING. Also, they’re online way too much if Dove is making the top 10. Just saying!

13. How many days until Christmas– We just can’t.

Also, we feel like we should mention that not a single news question made the list until number 36, which is “Why is Russia invading Ukraine,” and not another newsy question even makes the Top 100. Good news is though that we can now figure out precisely how many ounces of coffee were drinking while googling the important things we need to know.  YAY!


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